About JDPR
The JDPR team crafts impactful campaigns, stemming from deliberate business analysis and creative idea generation. Our passion for storytelling and community-building adds value to our clients’ brands.

Support services include social media and SEO strategy, national and regional media relations, cause-related marketing campaigns, internal communications and crisis management.

JDPR represents companies of all sizes who appreciate a collaborative approach, a commitment to excellence and measuring results. 


Media Relations / Story Development

Fundamental to achieving an effective public relations program are long-term planning and continuous media relations to establish top-of-mind awareness in consumers and to publicize on-going achievements. We provide news-breaking releases and feature story development in trade publications and key consumer/ business publications in targeted markets.


SEO / Content Marketing

Crafting quality content that tells your brand's story is key to our approach. Blending storytelling with sound SEO strategy, we deliver your brand's message so it engages target audience members and keeps your brand top-of-mind and relevant.


Social Media

We provide social media consulting services to create an innovative strategy for brand development and customer service opportunities using the most relevant social media platforms for your brand; develop digital media and mobile programs; and create promotions to drive traffic and enhance sales.


Brand Positioning / Startup Consulting

We will evaluate your company or startup using methodical marketing paradigms and, then, recommend brand strategy, brand position and messaging that afford long-term business/brand development.

New Product Introduction

We provide coordination of traditional and nontraditional communication avenues, as well as collateral support, to maximize target audience acceptance and use of a product or service.


Cause-Related Marketing / CSR

JDPR has a proven track-record for advancing clients' brands through deliberate and strategic cause-related strategies that included targeted partnerships and proprietary program development. 

Image Building / Repositioning

JDPR specializes in crafting, enhancing or repositioning your company’s image in the mind of key target audiences through planned strategic initiatives to establish a desired mindset or effect a positive change.

Crisis Communications

JDPR supports planned management of critical situations and their prospective fallout through an established problem-solving approach that aims to minimize negative impact of delicate situations prior to their occurrence.

Internal Communications

Our internal communications strategy defines the most effective ways for our clients to communicate with their employees to deepen awareness of company activities and strengthen bonds between key constituents, enhancing morale an building culture.


Lead Generation / Sales Support

We develop direct mail programs focused on highly selective prospects and carefully tested cost/sales ratios.


Collateral Materials

Our agency provides management of high-quality design, print production and video resources to polish and preserve corporate image.

Community Relations

We create and support systematic coordination of community-based programs to maintain consistency in clients’ public positioning.