Nature's Variety Controlling a Crisis
Nature’s Variety is an established leader in the raw pet food industry, manufacturing and distributing holistic products to keep pets healthy through diet. The company’s goal is to empower people to transform the lives of pets.
The Program
JDPR aided Nature’s Variety in recovering from a crisis that had the potential to damage the brand’s reputation. JDPR helped Nature’s Variety develop a strategy to temper regulatory sanctioning, regain the confidence of retailers and consumers and increase awareness of an innovative, new process to ensure the prevention of future contamination.
PR Objectives
  • To coordinate planning among internal teams (legal, operations, finance) in order to establish a strategic plan and expedite its deployment.
  • To manage relations with the FDA in an effort to mitigate the product recall, instead evolving it to a ‘voluntary withdrawal.’
  • To restore brand confidence among retailers and consumers.
  • To ensure consistent, timely messaging across all “publics,” including diverse customer and media entities.
  • PR Tactics
  • Formulated a strategy that included producing targeted communication tools for outreach to distributors and media to maintain accuracy in reporting.
  • Designed a recall website as a single point of contact where distributors, consumers and media could learn about the recall.
  • Supported Nature’s Variety executives in conversations with FDA.
  • Gained editorial exposure for the importance of a raw pet food diet to show that health benefits outweigh the risks.
  • PR Results
  • Managed the crisis with regulators to minimize negative impact on brand.
  • The Nature’s Variety brand and its business showed stability and growth post-crisis.
  • Developed relationships with media that continue to ensure accurate reporting on Nature’s Variety products.