Verizon Wireless More Than Just A Phone Company
Case Study
Verizon Wireless is known for consistently providing the most reliable wireless network and for offering a broad array of cell phone options to customers.
With the introduction of its 4G LTE high-speed wireless network across the country, the company began to turn its attention from cell phones to a range of new, innovative consumer products that would take advantage of the fastest wireless speeds ever available. 
The Program
Verizon Wireless wanted to drive consumer awareness of its evolution into a technology company, rather than simply being known as a cell phone carrier. New “smart” accessories promised a brand new revenue stream – one not rooted in costly subsidies like smartphones.
With this focus, our team developed a program to position Verizon Wireless as the go-to source for innovative technology for every lifestyle.
“Who knew Verizon Wireless sold holiday gifts other than phones and tablets? For $300, you can give someone their very own drone. The wireless provider is selling a Parrot AR Drone that allows users to capture photos and videos as it flies while streaming them to your mobile device….”
--Carly Harrington, The Knoxville News Sentinel
PR Objectives
To position Verizon Wireless as more than a cell phone company, rather, the destination for innovative technology for every consumer lifestyle.

To drive sales of smart accessories in the Carolinas and Tennessee.
PR Tactics
Developed a six-part technology series to pitch to broadcast morning shows throughout the three-state region.

Developed multiple gift-giving themed pitches around key holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.

Prepared spokespersons for segments, making sure they understood the importance of messaging that would position Verizon as a technology leader.

Developed a robust demo program for bloggers and local influencers to trial the new smart accessories and review for their audiences.

PR Results
Placed multi-part technology series with four leading broadcast stations in key markets like Chattanooga, Greenville, Charlotte and Raleigh that included interviews with Verizon spokespersons and highlighted dozens of smart accessories and connected devices from Verizon’s product offerings.

Drove traffic to retail stores: After each series, retail stores in the markets reported customers had come in looking for devices they saw on TV.

Built relationships with producers across the region that led to more than 40 broadcast morning show interviews by Verizon spokespersons on smart accessories on morning shows in a year.

Placed stories in key daily newspapers like The Charlotte Observer and The Knoxville News-Sentinel on smart accessories sold by Verizon Wireless.

Drove online buzz about key smart accessories through blogger channels.